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About Me

I am a young graphic designer, originally from Hayward Ca. I mastered computers at a young age, first learning the Apple IIe that my grandmother had, and graduating up to Q-basic while taking computer-programming classes in High School. My senior year I was the Teachers Assistant for Advanced Computer Programming, while I was also taking Calculus and Physics. While in High School, I was programming my calculator to play games, which surprised a great many people.

Upon graduation from High School I joined the US Navy and began a 1 and a half year training program for the Naval Nuclear Power Program. Upon graduation from all those classes I was sent orders to the USS John C Stennis, a nuclear aircraft carrier, where I excelled and showed initiative as I qualified Senior in Rate earlier than expected. While on the carrier I went on one world cruise and 2 Westpacs (a tour of the Pacific Ocean). In my free time, I learned Visual Basic. After 6 years in I was MMN2 (E-5) and finally was released from active duty.

I immediately joined the Naval Reserves upon completion of my Terminal Leave and I am still in the Reserves. I have already been deployed to Kuwait while in the reserves, but dont worry I was still fully able to perform my duties as a webmaster. I was always available by email, and I was able to create, update, and upload websites for my clients. I have learned a great deal about HTML and JavaScript, 3D modeling and Flash in my free time.

I enjoy learning new things that can assist my clients to have a better web site. I have the fortunate ability to learn very quickly, and be able to implement new ideas just as quickly. I am a hard worker and I understand the meaning of integrity, when you work on nuclear equipment you understand that you cant hide your mistakes, because the cost of a mistake is too high.

Please use my contact page to let me know what it is that I can do for you.

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