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Welcome to my new home page...

Services I offer are:
        HTML 4.0
        Flash Interface
        3D modeling & animation
        Photo editing
        Software Programming
Services I can get for you:
        Interface Design
        Flash Movies
        C++ Programming

I prefer working with Small to Medium Businesses, as it gives me a great deal of satisfaction helping them to establish an Internet presence. Small businesses need to get their name and product out in the world to generate a good client base. Establishing an Internet presence is not fast, nor easy, but is vastly rewarding. I know the steps necessary to produce the best results in various search engines being able to find your web page, though I will warn you now, it normally takes approximately 6 months for a search engine to put your site onto their database, in all the various categories, after it is submitted. I also know what it will take to get your site up higher in ranking order, so your site will not be all the way at the bottom of the list.

It can only help you, to have a 24-hour passage between you and your clients. It would be like a store that never closes; a showroom with an automated attendant; an advertisement that shows exactly what you want to show. It is always worthwhile to have a web page, no matter if you are just starting out, or have been in business for years.

You can also use your web page to help educate your clients, to show them all the things they need to know about your products/services, have online instructions, manuals, etc. It is a direct route for clients to contact you. It opens the world to your business.

But don't let the web page be the only thing on your list; there are many services that I can provide for you (all listed above), from large-scale to small-scale printing, movie creation, and digital as well as analog photography. Just about anything you might need in a digital sense I can do for you. I can create custom software for Window based computers and Apple based computers.

My goal is to make your business succeed. That means doing what I can to, not only make you look better, but to make your business work better.

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