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Here are pictures of some of my models that I have created. If you want to see a larger picture of one then just click on it.

This is my favorite model, of all those that I have Dragon. It is composed of one solid object, using bones and vertex mapping for animation, and polygon selecting for image mapping. It has 2,514,575 polygons when placed under HyperNurbs (for smoothing). It has taken me quite a long time to create, as I did this during my free time while in the Navy.

This is a model that I created while stationed in San Diego in training for operations as a Navy Patrol Boat engineer. It is incomplete as I have yet to make the arms, but as you can tell from the "Our Building" movie, I have textured the Legoman. It did not take me very long to create this one, but a lot of math was involved.

This model has taken the most time of all my models to create. This model was not created for anyone but myself. It has both my Dragon and my Legoman in it. It is also incomplete, as you can tell near the end of the movie. I spent a bit of my free time on this one, but spread it out over almost 2 years. It was not a priority, as it was for myself, so time was not an issue in its creation. But this does give you an idea.

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